When a boy failure in his Life so many times, he got disappointed he thought that change the City. Bcz, he is thinker, he want to see his own country before he die, when he went to other city ofter some day a meet him, and what convenience is going on in between…………

One day morning 🌞 she came to me and she started conversation with day greeting. Hey!!! Good morning iam rani, I use to this way daily for go to my office, and daily I see you you seeting here only, at the same time I thought that I want to ask you but not, you are reading English papers, good dressings, shoes, with a bag also, what is in side the bag, she was asking about me without giving a small break, I was shocked, letlary I was thinking that who is she, why she came to me asking about me,

I replied to her and and asked with day greeting, very good morning, who are you? Why you want to know my self! Iam a boy who came here from very long and power full place, rani:- what’s your name? Why you came here? I want to know about you, bcz I impressed, so plz tell me about you, today I came you with very confident. So should tell you story. I asked her are you tv reporter? She replied no, not yet, then why you want to know? Iam not that much big and special person. She I seen something special you, I don’t know what, so I want to know. In a new city a unknown person came and saying I saw something special in you, so want know about you. Simply I smiled and started to tell my story.

Iam ……. Came from powerful place in india, I was a employe in Ltd company, I failed to maintain money, i failed in love, iam a love failure, I was away from my family, family problems, money problems, my dreams, I was in dipression, don’t know what to do, whatever I think I use to write a dairy. One day night in my dream I was died I afried and I thought that I want to start my journey. I left my house last one month back, and today iam hear, tommorow I will go somewhere, so will complete my dream before I die.

Rani:- then how you manage your food, travel money? I replied with smailed, I have some money till end I will travel after that will continue with by walk,and for food I have barrow a little plate with for make tea for drink,. I will manage,I will complete like that,,. You story is not simply but you are not explaining,no problem,,, I will wish you all the best for all dreams and features. God bless.

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