Hyderabad the capital of telengana state, in India. Iam going to tell you all a story onnplace of public garden everyone can visit to this place but, before this I would like to tell about Hyderabad historical places. There are 11-15 and above good places in that I will tell you some, 1)Golconda fort:-built in 12th century location Ibrahim bagh hyd-08, entry fee 15/- rs,. 2) Charminar built in 16th century, char kaman,gandi bazaar hyd,02 entry fee 5/-rs,. 3)Qutub shahi toms, entry fee 10/- rs child 5/- rs,. 4)Mecca masjid, 400year old mosque in Hyderabad build from the soil brought from Mecca in sudi arabia. Near Charminar, gandi bazaar entry fee NA.

5)Chowma halla place. Build in 18rh century fountains and lush qreenezy around the place, the place has been converted into a museum, exhibiting crockery, royal attires, paintings, coins, weapons among other things, A unitage car to is an display at the place museum place motigalli khilwar Hyderabad 02,

6) salar janj museum, 2floors have 38 galleries, exhibiting close to 43000 art objects 9000manuscripts,and 47000 polrinted books, A fruit kuite of noorjehan and a dagger of Jehangir are some of the rare ttrlearare of the museum,. Entruly fee 5/-rs. 7) taramati baradri 3 km away from Golconda fort the place now is a cultural complex where numberous concerts, dance performance and exhibious are held. Ranbow guda, Ibrahim bagh hyd,. 8) malwala place mqhalpur, toli masjid 300year old mosque ramsingh pur,.

9)Birla temple Hindu temple built on a 280 feet (85) high hillock called naubatt, pahad on a 13 acres , taken time for build 10 year opens on 1976 by Swamy ramagnathananda of ramkrishana mission, construction by Birla foundation. 10) Hussain Sagar Lake and tank Bound hussian Sagar Lake is one of the largest man made lake situated in Hyderabad renowned for its monolith of lord Buddha placed eitht at the center of the lake,the place is famously known as a tank bund a popular sopt of tourist attraction.


Tank bund, public garden.

Iam going tell you all my experience in the garden, which is happened in last 2year ago,today I went see my place I was very excited, but ther is gate lockdown but I went somewhere in the corner but just missed to see, bcz police van is came there and they said go back from here the garden is totally closed I was very upsett, just last one step to see my place but the police came, so came out of the garden, you can see the attached image in beginning, and you can understand why iam given the title. Tow year ago I was I love I use to go to the garden weekly 3times, with my partner in the evening at 6:30pm, we are waited for local mmts train in the station which was near to our office before train come we use to eat some items like paanipuri, ice-crime, tea, appale etc,,. After train came we will reach to garden in just 10to15min, after reach to garden we will set in the garden eating with the ice cream, the garden is open area beside of rhe road near to mmts train station, the public will come there with family, friend’s, lovers,, everyone for relaxation there tide. So, every time when we will reach to garden all the tress are busy with other couples so we are waited for 10 to 15 min, just like thinking time is going on when our line, she told me I will go to home it will take time, he home is near the garden just 20 to 30min by walk, some time we use to only talk about the feature plane, dream, family, marriage, job, money, help eachother, about the country, friends, Watching to tree we are talked like that, bcz we don’t want miss the time, otherwise other couples will go to the tree for doing romance, why iam telling like this mean’s, I this park or garden, every type of people’s come, family, friends, lovers, before I told you, so the special is the lover’s, they’ll got to the tree and atteched to tree and they start to talk with heart to heart, like hugging, kissing, so that I hope you understand why I use to tell the tree’s ROMANCE TREE that was like one year happen, this park is long like more then one km, basically the park round and very bigg,

So you can a small video also which is uploaded in next,,,,

This is the park one side video

So, there is much is telling you guy’s about my experience I will explain little by little, there was tooooo much love, care, everything with angry, I don’t know where I have done a mistake why she taken me very wrong misunderstanding, till today also I didn’t understand what was happen, but, everyday I will remember her before go to sleep, I don’t know she remembers me or not but, I believe she will remember me everyday again and again,all the moment break fast time, in office break time, evening sugarcane, sweetmart shop, bekry point, ice cream, Chinese food court,and our fevorate place railway station till end of life I can’t forget the singal movement,


But, one thing I will tell you my sweet heart, I remember my love and everything about us, and some till now also iam ing in my sleep, if you want to come to me whenever in middle of life come to me Iam waiting for you,I love you I want to marry you, I Will die with you,,,

I want to tell one thing to all of you guys, live your own life, take care of parents, read books, become a experience person in your life.


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