What I can do for this society

What I can do for this society. Iam not the richest person nor the poorest in the dawn of a dream come and tie stepping out of the target the body is the capital.

Look for obstacles in the country truth is false difficult pleasure bad affordability mischief death are those who die preventing encouragement iam a tearful creature, what I can do for this society iam not the rechest person nor the poorest.

Hundreds of thousands of god’s goddesses worship, thousands of caste religion and hundreds of language feeling, the mounth is silent and dumb, the truth played is false, all that is talkles about is thatbof political minister, whatbi can do for society iam not reachest person nor the poorest,

The military is dead children wife mother father dear friends without knowledge, doctor if you are struggling with an infectious disease, the police arged the people not to get out of the months of the infection disease, minister shouting at Mike house keeping is homemade stuff, the bilinear are donating tens of thousands to the government for help.

What I can do for this society, iam not rechest person nor the poorest, what I can do you this society, what I can do for this society.



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