One way: languages

Phone is ringing last 20sec, inknow that but IAM not lefting the phone

Bcz, I know that she don’t know language of hindi, kannada, telegu, and I don’t know language of tamiland Malayalam.

but,we both know english her is English is too good then me, shebwill not understand my english, I was thinking like that, again the phone is started to ring, iam getting narvas finally, I talked with her,.

She asked me call ma’am, bcz last night I msg her saying that iam not going to office, I want to hospital with my mom. As well I informed to my AM also, but I need inform one more person who is setting delhi, but I don’t have number, she sender me, I have called my office ma’am.

So, like that we are talking in English i don’t know what is she understands but, iam very thankful to her, she is my second teacher in my school, I can understand her English, so presently we are helping eachother in language.

Wait and see next,,, waht will happen.

My dear readers I hope you understand why i wrote this story,

Iam little bit week in English but trying to improve my self, so comment on my story what is wrong and right, it will helpfull for me improving.

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