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It was 3:45am. I was coming home from my work. I thought I would reach my home in 10 minutes. But on the way I heard a child crying and my life was in my hands. I stopped my vehicle and stood on the side of the road. I saw that some blood was shed and the lady’s sari fell down.

I saw a woman’s sari falling down, I shouted hello, no one spoke, I went a little further, a woman fell down with blood, I picked up the child from the cart and saw that it was blood, my heart was crying.

I don’t understand, I don’t know what to do, who should I call, the child started crying loudly because of hungry

I tried to touch the woman with my hand, but I was afraid, blood was pouring out, and as soon as I touched her, she held my hand tightly and tried to say something, but I didn’t understand what she was saying…….

Tooo bee Conti…..,

Don’t know what to say….###

Demanding God!!

With your blessings,
with support of my parents,
unwantedley friends
but important,
unfortunately reletives,

Without interst completed education,
finally got degree but dropout,

Want a job for living,
have to take responsebity,
have to earn money,

Getting salary but not happy,
taking loans but not able to pay instalment,
getting to many problems,

I am not fine not able to laugh yet all,

So, my dear god..

If are you there this is my chalenge..

If are you there,
if there is my soul,
if you have soul,
help me, show me the way to good life,
this is my prayer

i want to live good Life,
i want to learn more and stay live with good life.



i need to hide some of my sins

if you are agree

we all do sin some of rhe comman and some of secrets very secrate

related to our life and personal life
normal and abnormal

how are all know it it right forgive or hide, and who are all not agree

if yes then why?
if not then why?

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