Just like that in my village

After long time


i also, thinking come to soon.

After long time she listened his voice from the mud and she replied.. conversation is going on.

thanks to everyone for your love, for the “the lost of life”##1 part,
i hope you guys are going to
reply me for second also,

read books,love parents, enjoy with friends, thankyou so much again.


Really don’t know where I want to go

Really not understanding,
what’s going on? when was life started? what are the responsibility?how to take responsibility? i know what I want to become in my life. but how? where i want to go? is it time to meet a doctor? are else what? with whom i want discuss about me about my professional? this is what iam thinking when I am setting alone. i don’t know is it right or wrong. but now days iam understanding only one thing that time is going very fast.

If someone knows then don’t forget to reply!

World tour,World tour World tour…….


I don’t want to waste my time again and again, I want to learn more and more,I asked some questions to me like,. what is life? What are you doing now? How much you are earning per month? what responsible have taken in life? What risk you will handle for success?what you want say about your present life? Are you really happy? What you want to do? Manny more questions..

Someone is asking me to for visiting hospital take some treatment for mentally and physically, don’t waste your time on Phone or laptop, life very short, you need to earn more and more…

I can understand everything but trying to take good and right time,.

I want to do the world tour, traveling, in my life and I will the action as soon as possible,, and will upload the post about my first word traveling….

“I CAN DO IT” That’$ all..

One way: languages

Phone is ringing last 20sec, inknow that but IAM not lefting the phone Bcz, I know that she don’t know language of hindi, kannada, telegu, and I don’t know language of tamiland Malayalam. but,we both know english her is English is too good then me, shebwill not understand my english, I was thinking like that, […]

One way: languages