Small poem##1

Nature is my life. Environment is my blood, Earth and sky are closed. If sun and moon comes together.

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One way: languages

Phone is ringing last 20sec, inknow that but IAM not lefting the phone Bcz, I know that she don’t know language of hindi, kannada, telegu, and I don’t know language of tamiland Malayalam. but,we both know english her is English is too good then me, shebwill not understand my english, I was thinking like that, […]

One way: languages

What I can do for this society

What I can do for this society. Iam not the richest person nor the poorest in the dawn of a dream come and tie stepping out of the target the body is the capital. Look for obstacles in the country truth is false difficult pleasure bad affordability mischief death are those who die preventing encouragement […]

What I can do for this society


Iam sleeping in mud without you.

A boy who waited to get marry to his girlfriend but, don’t know why he has taken the bad discussion. now he is sending a message to his girlfriend.

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Little bit. Read books, love parents, enjoy with friends,



Iam Lokesh, loki, luke, Dhanure,

From Karnataka living in Hyderabad , I know iam not a professional writer but I would like to tell you all about my experience, I love traveling solo, and would like to tell stories,,,, I will see nature, I think more, want go on travel solo,,, then I want to tell you guys everything,, one-by-one I will update my story. Read and enjoy 😀. Love you all, take care of parents, read books,, think big and enjoy your life as you,Thankyou.