21-:> Talk as less possible indirectly

22-:> make her to talk more than you talk by questioning her about the relevant subject gradually leading to other subjects about others know to you and her may be your colleagues and popular persons of sexual affairs and scandals.

23-:-> know her daily and off holidays schedule from morning to night and her contact phone number

24-:>search what she wants gradually like her office work personal works and help out other also

25-:> keep asking her health

26-:> seek and help other family members also specially husband or her brother

27-:> better to woo her and gain her willingly without telling lies and cheating her

28-:> the man should make the women take intiative and oblige

29-:>the man advance later is more accordingly

30-:> Casually not specially invite her with family if she is married to your house to function don’t be disappointed if she doesn’t trun up (come) but continue inviting her and other known and closed persons and no special treatment in the function.

By—> PSB