Don’t know what to say….###

Demanding God!!

With your blessings,
with support of my parents,
unwantedley friends
but important,
unfortunately reletives,

Without interst completed education,
finally got degree but dropout,

Want a job for living,
have to take responsebity,
have to earn money,

Getting salary but not happy,
taking loans but not able to pay instalment,
getting to many problems,

I am not fine not able to laugh yet all,

So, my dear god..

If are you there this is my chalenge..

If are you there,
if there is my soul,
if you have soul,
help me, show me the way to good life,
this is my prayer

i want to live good Life,
i want to learn more and stay live with good life.


Today iam so sad because i don’t have too much of time for do something for others happy with my happyness

Every day in the morning while iam going to office and every day in the evening while iam coming back to home

I see too much of people
i will think only one thing that i have to give you something for the happy and i take something from you for the kindness.

i would like to say something!!

I know iam too late update the post but I will update

I think I will enjoy

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