31:>Gain her confidence and become an asset to her, the rest will follow

32-:> we need more ( cash kind lifestyle ) for comforts and to be independent from her husband as far as possible

33-:> if the husband or father is a drunkard it is easier give him overdose of drink he sleeps with children and carry over with his wife in his ( husband’s very house or at other place

34-:> and she obliged at least for a few minutes for all the favour she received from you

35-:> i say it is her moral obligation

36:-> the films and television serials teach you as how to trap a woman

37-:> dating courtship

38-:> go up to the point affordable if you think you can not level it she herself may realize and return slightly slightly short of intercourse or event intercourse

39-:> you incur losses time but safe physically and don’t maligned.