Today in the morning after wekeup I went to balcony in the our opposite building Anty and children’s playing colour,

Suddenly I saw them and started to laugh and again I went to teras to see more activetis , and there was a holika dahan last burned and young Stars playing with musical instruments,kids are enjoying, dance and sing it was a good movement in the morning garden, street, home ground, friends group, women’s, family, friends, everyone is in a good enjoyment, that was good movement

I came to home my mother started to tell story on the Holi,

The Holi is hindu festival it celebrate every year of purnima night, (full-moon day) hindu calendar and next day in the morning everyone Play colours with water gun, colour mixed in water and throw others

Same day in the evening people dress up and visit to friend and family laugh and gossip then share Holi delicacies, food and drinks

Then happy Holi