As you know about the Credit card, credit card is plastic money Frist use and pay after, wherever you can use it it online or offline,,, shopping malls,kiran Shop, whine Shop, ETC…! where machine is available…

COMPANY NAME:-xyz CARD NAME:-abc. CARD ANNUAL FEE:-1000RS +GST Depends on company and cards ( annual fee you get free depending on uses and benefits )

Card benefits and features and officers,

Create limit:-100000/- cash limit 1000/-

Spend every year 50000/- you will get next year free annual fee,. every 100 spend you will get 1 reward points offline and online 2 rew points, rew points you can redeem from your end In shoping mall, ( prepaid ) talktime Reacher, voucher,hotel stay and air ticket depends on card

And you will get additional reward points spending on weekends and education, insurance, utility bill, groceries, se card benefits are like Amazon,bigbasket,book my show, airport lounge free access etc…..

Main important is chargers

Charges are like, late payment charges, minimum payment,( some time you get charges on minimum bill pay depends on company and cards) cash withdrawal charges, amount deposited charges,over limit charges, financial and deferred financial charges, and rew points redemption charges, this charges will refund depends on you and uses

Before applying a credit card first check card and apply

And many more

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