i need to hide some of my sins

if you are agree

we all do sin some of rhe comman and some of secrets very secrate

related to our life and personal life
normal and abnormal

how are all know it it right forgive or hide, and who are all not agree

if yes then why?
if not then why?

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PARTNERSHIP 10 – 20 # 39

11-:>Become like family friend

12-:> if she married it is more difficult and risky hence the matter to be executed with utmost are as not affect any one

13-:>if you sense that husband or her family members ( if married ) smelling the matter it is dangerous and better wait and watch fir the right time

14-:> Doesn’t matter people know you affair

15-:> At it is most of the working husband or family as they even control their husband. Much depends on the women

16-:> The number of working women are growing rapidly even in

17-:> politics and given more working opportunities in every field. Consider tabo hitherto to gain their votes and stay in power could anyone ever imagine till recently a women bus conductor and driver too?

18-:> wherever a woman works there are from labours to the politicians court judges military too hence accessibility to woman has become easy.

19-:> A women is doing night duty with a while her husband/ sleeping in the house

20-:> Only a trickled ( very few ) of molesting cases and theri aftermath come out in media.




Today in the morning after wekeup I went to balcony in the our opposite building Anty and children’s playing colour,

Suddenly I saw them and started to laugh and again I went to teras to see more activetis , and there was a holika dahan last burned and young Stars playing with musical instruments,kids are enjoying, dance and sing it was a good movement in the morning garden, street, home ground, friends group, women’s, family, friends, everyone is in a good enjoyment, that was good movement

I came to home my mother started to tell story on the Holi,

The Holi is hindu festival it celebrate every year of purnima night, (full-moon day) hindu calendar and next day in the morning everyone Play colours with water gun, colour mixed in water and throw others

Same day in the evening people dress up and visit to friend and family laugh and gossip then share Holi delicacies, food and drinks

Then happy Holi


Jai jagadambe

Hii everyone!!!

Check it out

My next post is on indian festival DASERA the festival celebration is for next 7day so, today was the frist day of DASERA frestival.

The Hyderabad people’s how celebrate the festival I will tell you all with some of adorable images.