One day trip to Chennai marina beach

Now day not getting holiday’s so planning to trips for one day

Last weekend i planned to Chennai for one day

Hyderabad to Chennai road journey

Last Sunday I was in Chennai marina beach at 12pm, 12pm to 6pm in evening I enjoyed alone

Which is located at Chennai Tamil Nadu

Urban natural beach bay of Bengal

6 km long BEACH


As you know about the Credit card, credit card is plastic money Frist use and pay after, wherever you can use it it online or offline,,, shopping malls,kiran Shop, whine Shop, ETC…! where machine is available…

COMPANY NAME:-xyz CARD NAME:-abc. CARD ANNUAL FEE:-1000RS +GST Depends on company and cards ( annual fee you get free depending on uses and benefits )

Card benefits and features and officers,

Create limit:-100000/- cash limit 1000/-

Spend every year 50000/- you will get next year free annual fee,. every 100 spend you will get 1 reward points offline and online 2 rew points, rew points you can redeem from your end In shoping mall, ( prepaid ) talktime Reacher, voucher,hotel stay and air ticket depends on card

And you will get additional reward points spending on weekends and education, insurance, utility bill, groceries, se card benefits are like Amazon,bigbasket,book my show, airport lounge free access etc…..

Main important is chargers

Charges are like, late payment charges, minimum payment,( some time you get charges on minimum bill pay depends on company and cards) cash withdrawal charges, amount deposited charges,over limit charges, financial and deferred financial charges, and rew points redemption charges, this charges will refund depends on you and uses

Before applying a credit card first check card and apply

And many more

Ask me if you want know more about it in comments

And also I will share the user story

So plz like and share, and ask questions…..


Dreams are very big and vision, storys are there for do short movie and movies, believing others is my weakness,and somke, drink, party s are my hobbies. want to became a film director, think is very high and high but dont know how to do?when to do?why to do?for whom? life is fucking me again and again, the time is going like like the flowing water, before i was thinking i have to take again hanging.

World tour,World tour World tour…….


I don’t want to waste my time again and again, I want to learn more and more,I asked some questions to me like,. what is life? What are you doing now? How much you are earning per month? what responsible have taken in life? What risk you will handle for success?what you want say about your present life? Are you really happy? What you want to do? Manny more questions..

Someone is asking me to for visiting hospital take some treatment for mentally and physically, don’t waste your time on Phone or laptop, life very short, you need to earn more and more…

I can understand everything but trying to take good and right time,.

I want to do the world tour, traveling, in my life and I will the action as soon as possible,, and will upload the post about my first word traveling….

“I CAN DO IT” That’$ all..


SHHHHOOO!!! Don’t share OTP with anyone. (Image downloaded from Google)

CONTINUING………. Which is I have received the call about credit card close, he was in very angry mode and also sad voice, so Frist of all I informed him my greetings!! And don’t worry iam here to help you, if I understand you correctly that you are going close the credit card, I do understand your concern, the lockdown issue, this was for everyone in the world, please give just 5 minutes I will explain you everything about your CC,. In between his voice, whatever you want tell me I will listen carefully but don’t try to reten, bcz I have taken the strong discussion for closing the CC, YES…! I understand so, may I know the reason the perticular reason why you want to close the credit card? He replied, there very high chages like, late fee, over limit, emi conversation, loan, cash withdrawal, all this charges with 18%GST,

And some time I have received the calls in deferent language like ENGLISH &HINDI which is I don’t know, saying that, we are from bank want to update your credit card so I have sented the OTP, I was scared bcz froud happening on CC, which is iam not use the amount 18000rs, I have paid that amount also,,, I informed don’t worry nothing will happen your is in secured..

I replied him and also my dear readers iam explaing you also this will helpfull for us,. THIS STORY IS TAKEN FOR EXAMPLE TO EVERYONE UNDERSTAND PURPOSE ABOUT THE CREDIT CARD WITH MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE,,,

The credit card name is ………! The credit limit is 100000rs, available cash withdrawal is 10000rs, the bill jenerate date is 22nd of every month, whis your used in last month you want to pay on the given due date of 12th, and if your going to withdraw the money with CC you will get withdraw charges like 2.5 % processing fee+18%GST, MINIMUM 500rs whichever is high, if your not paying in given due date again you will get charge on daily basis on withdrawal amount till date,

There is annuval chargs on your CC like 999+18%gst which is you have to pay,

Again in between he started, there is no any pending amount on my card I have paid all the amount which I have used,like EMI,LOAN,AND TRANSACTION, just I want to close the card that’s all,

SHHHHOOO!!! Don’t share OTP with anyone.

My dear friend, if you want close the card the call center executive will offer you like….

*Annuval fee,. *Late fee,,. *over limit,. *interest charges, or else life time free card, based on your potential, and the agent will tell you about credit limit enhancement, if you are not agree then he will give you again some other offers like….

Amazon voucher 250rs, 500rs,,. Reward points like, 2000rp,2500rp,3000rp,35000rp,if you want to redeem the reward points you get charge like 99+18gst in a day frist,2nd and 3rd time for free,in a same day you are going to redeem the points, I mean 4th time in a day you will get again 99+18gst, If you want to convert to MONEY which is valve of equal to 5pisa,. For ex:-2000/5=400rs, and this amount will come the special account you need to open separate, (depending on the bank) and double reward points, next year annual fee reversel, and card downgrade to lower basic annual fee,

And the amount will reveal you based on your potential like 1000rs,2000rs 2500rs 3000rs and some customers will get 50%and some 100%…. The thing is you will get the charges reversal every 6month it means in year twice.

Till now he is listen my word and he said my dear friend Thank you so much for explaing me all the details of my card, I faced the lot of problems and I have paid the all amount of my card, iam the small enterpreneur, iam not able to pay the bill after use the card please help me for close the card, iam the one person who faced the lot of problems in this LOCKDOWN I can’t explain you my problems each and everyrhing, so please close the credit card.

I informed to my dear friend like this all things about the credit card finally he closed the CC. At last he said in future I will not use the credit card.

So my dear friend,my lovely readers amd all credit card holder please don’t share OTP with anyone, bcz the bank employes will never ask you like,, CARD 16 DIGIT NUMBER, EXPRI DATE, CVV, AND OTP ALSO. Never share with anyone else.

The credit card is not bad, it’s very good use it will comes on very emergency, critical time, but the most important thing is we have understand how to use. Then only use, don’t use like a debit card.

I hope you all understand what I tried to tell you guys, and at last please don’t share OTP with anyone else.

Little bit,,,, Thank you so much for your valuable time, and for reading my small story whis is very helpful all of us, and love parents, read books, enjoy with friends,, love you all take care..

Iam Lokesh Luke welcome to my blog, iam interested in traveling, reading, writing, talking, I would like to share My experience, happyness, sadness,,, means everything…. Please comment my article about my mistake, I would to see minimum 10 comments on this article,,,, thanky so much..


As you know all about the credit card very well , I would like to explain you about the CC, which is I heard, I saw, with my personal experience, It’s very helpful all of us, One day in the morning I have received a call, saying that “sir… I want to cancel means close […]



Shhhooo!!! Don’t share OTP with anyone. (image downloaded from Google)

As you know all about the credit card very well , I would like to explain you about the CC, which is I heard, I saw, with my personal experience, It’s very helpful all of us,

One day in the morning I have received a call, saying that “sir… I want to cancel means close the card ” the voice was very sad… I understand the the person problem and I replied

Debit card OR credit card whatever it may be don’t share OTP with anyone

Credit card, annual fee, welcome benifit, card benifit, offer, feature, reward points, reward redeemtion, charges and ETC…..

Explanation is coming SOON……