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My last trip was Chennai from Hyderabad and now next trip is to Karnataka India Karwar to Kasaragod kerla

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Inspiration of cinema’s


Little bit busy in some where and the job, confusion, doubt,life,love, friends, drink,city,books, not enjoying,

I mean little bit enjoying,

My speech is like a cinema dailog
yes ofcourse
because my inspiration is cinema, i inspired by cinema,i knew that day i remembered,
my 9th class last day
i escape in school,

and i see the dream filmmaker- director
i want to become a film director

Too many….

Little bit

Love parents,read books, enjoy with friends,

Mahatma Gandhi ji

As you know about mahatma Gandhi actually who is Gandhi ji and where he is from and who was he, so I want to explain anything about Gandhi ji.

But,who is he living Gandhi ji?

I went to Andra Pradesh from Hyderabad to raychoti city for a temple with my friend.

In between a city came like Kadapa dist, while we crossed the city Kadapa dist, I saw him but not stoped while I came back on the same route I stopped and spoken with him he explains his story like below.

Iam Sathayanarayana from village of Kadapa dist,

I asked him what is your professional why this as a Gandhi?

And what about your family?

He didn’t explain me about him and his professional but he told me only about the cost Gandhi costume

He explain me only one thing in a week 3times, my first costume Gandhi,second costume bhagth Singh, and third actually I forget apart from that he didn’t explain me anything.

This what happened in just 5min after that came back.


Today iam so sad because i don’t have too much of time for do something for others happy with my happyness

Every day in the morning while iam going to office and every day in the evening while iam coming back to home

I see too much of people
i will think only one thing that i have to give you something for the happy and i take something from you for the kindness.

i would like to say something!!

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