i need to hide some of my sins

if you are agree

we all do sin some of rhe comman and some of secrets very secrate

related to our life and personal life
normal and abnormal

how are all know it it right forgive or hide, and who are all not agree

if yes then why?
if not then why?

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I will wait for your comments AND REPLY

This trip is related to BEACH 🏖️ i hope you all will enjoy and like

My last trip was Chennai from Hyderabad and now next trip is to Karnataka India Karwar to Kasaragod kerla

From 28th April to 10th may iam. Going to upload everything about my trip and iam waiting for your reply and comment

Don’t forget to plz

Iam waiting for my trip day

I hope you all wish me for my trip ,,,😃🤪



One day trip to Chennai marina beach

Now day not getting holiday’s so planning to trips for one day

Last weekend i planned to Chennai for one day

Hyderabad to Chennai road journey

Last Sunday I was in Chennai marina beach at 12pm, 12pm to 6pm in evening I enjoyed alone

Which is located at Chennai Tamil Nadu

Urban natural beach bay of Bengal

6 km long BEACH


Today I am very excited because I have booked my ticket for my next trip to Goa ( india ) from Hyderabad

Actually now I’m waiting for 4th November night’ because my journey will start at that day only ☺️

Actually I like to travel SOLO but this time one of my friend coming with me

I was planning to go goa and day before yesterday he called me for telling something else and told me something about his tour plan that which I was planning about so I also informed him about plan so where we ready to go goa together and booked the tickets

This is what happened today in the night so 4th night we are going from Hyderabad and back plan on 8th Nov 5,6,7,8th Nov we will enjoy in Goa and 8th night we are planning return to Hyderabad

So I will explain you guys after returns about Goa and what we enjoyed and about everything

Actually he got dewali frestival holiday in in office and I also in my office,

And I started to see dream 😃

Two years ago I went alone for two days only and I enjoyed to much on BAGA BEACH only,but this time I want to go club also…

And I make some new friends also I would like to interact new people that’s why I like to SOLO TRIP

And I hope this time also I will enjoy and too much fun I utilities my holidays per sure

And plz tell me someone in the comments box about beach in Goa