Inspiration of cinema’s


Little bit busy in some where and the job, confusion, doubt,life,love, friends, drink,city,books, not enjoying,

I mean little bit enjoying,

My speech is like a cinema dailog
yes ofcourse
because my inspiration is cinema, i inspired by cinema,i knew that day i remembered,
my 9th class last day
i escape in school,

and i see the dream filmmaker- director
i want to become a film director

Too many….

Little bit

Love parents,read books, enjoy with friends,


Remember me once a day i will die for you,
don’t forget that evening time when We are coming from office to railway station holding hands together and the surrounding places people’s who was watching us,and road, bridge, buildings, shopping mall like paani pini bgandi,tea stalls, Chinese fast food, sugar cane juse, fruit juice, breakfast center, Xerox center,bakery,water bad smell, medical and many more.

i will tell you everything,just tell me in comments box, who is interested.