You are a flower of doll decorated with a flower,Like a sage if touchedYou are the angry child.


One day trip to Chennai marina beach Now day not getting holiday’s so planning to trips for one day Last weekend i planned to Chennai for one day Hyderabad to Chennai road journey Last Sunday I was in Chennai marina beach at 12pm, 12pm to 6pm in evening I enjoyed alone Which is located at … Continue reading MARINA BEACH CHENNAI


31:>Gain her confidence and become an asset to her, the rest will follow 32-:> we need more ( cash kind lifestyle ) for comforts and to be independent from her husband as far as possible 33-:> if the husband or father is a drunkard it is easier give him overdose of drink he sleeps with … Continue reading PARTNERSHIP 31-39 #39


21-:> Talk as less possible indirectly 22-:> make her to talk more than you talk by questioning her about the relevant subject gradually leading to other subjects about others know to you and her may be your colleagues and popular persons of sexual affairs and scandals. 23-:-> know her daily and off holidays schedule from … Continue reading PARTNERSHIP 21-30#39

Partnership 3 -10 # 39

3-:> The man should be healthy Daring and trackful ( Brian ad Brwan ) 4-:> It depends on both financial and marital status ( whenther they are married or not. 5-:>They say it but few does it. 6-:>Don’t go for much higher level women 7-:>Select a desirable women who is acceptable daily or very frequently … Continue reading Partnership 3 -10 # 39


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