It was 3:45am. I was coming home from my work. I thought I would reach my home in 10 minutes. But on the way I heard a child crying and my life was in my hands. I stopped my vehicle and stood on the side of the road. I saw that some blood was shed and the lady’s sari fell down.

I saw a woman’s sari falling down, I shouted hello, no one spoke, I went a little further, a woman fell down with blood, I picked up the child from the cart and saw that it was blood, my heart was crying.

I don’t understand, I don’t know what to do, who should I call, the child started crying loudly because of hungry

I tried to touch the woman with my hand, but I was afraid, blood was pouring out, and as soon as I touched her, she held my hand tightly and tried to say something, but I didn’t understand what she was saying…….

Tooo bee Conti…..,

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